The City is Attacking Your

 Medical Benefits in 2017

The City of Philadelphia is relentless in every contract, attempting to lower your medical benefits or impose cost shifting to you.  This time around will be no different.

President McNesby and his team have done an outstanding job in protecting your benefits in every contract they have been involve in.  The FOP and LEHB are diligently working side by side to ensure your benefits will remain untouched in the new 2017 contract.

2017 City of Philadelphia Proposal to FOP Lodge 5 

Personal Choice:

  • Employee pays 5% of the cost (Payroll deduction)
  • Additional surcharge for smokers
  • $300 Deductible – Single                    $600 Deductible – Family
  • $2000 Out of Pocket – Single            $4000 Out of Pocket – Family
  • Blue Cross pays 90% of medical charges   Member pays 10% of medical charges
  • $300 Emergency Room Co-pay   –   $200 if admitted
  • $20 Family Doctor Visit Co-pay       $30 Specialist Visit Co-pay
  • $40 Urgent Care Co-pay

Prescription Co-pay Retail:           $25 Generic  $40 Formulary   $55 Non-Formulary
Prescription Co-pay Mail Order: $55 Generic  $115 Formulary  $175 Non-Formulary

LEHB, the FOP and our members have worked together to protect our benefits by:

  • Members’ involvement in LEHB wellness, cost-containment and education programs realizing wasted medical dollars may equate to payroll deduction or increasing co-pays.
  • Consistently having over 1,000 LEHB members and their families attending the contract hearing which makes a dramatic point to the neutral arbitrator “Medical Coverage is extremely important to the Officer since it also affects our families!”
  • The LEHB Directors evaluation of provider contractual issues, understanding those issues and making the appropriate decisions that lower costs and improves quality to our members.
  • The FOP’s uncompromising position “The City is not touching the LEHB medical benefits.”

REMEMBER:  It will be critically important for you and your family members to join President McNesby and LEHB to send the message to the Act III Panel.  “Don’t touch the medical benefits, it is the best managed plan in the country and our Officers have earned it.”

Hearing date to be announced.